Workshopping : New realities

By Bastiaan Van Der Linden, EDHEC’s Associate Professor

As a founding partner on Explora, Erwann Ledoux is an enthusiastic early adopter. His company, Step One Group, is the first startup studio devoted to sustainable development and the circular economy. They dig deep searching for new business ideas, unearth insightful economic intelligence, and come up with new business models resulting in start-ups that will hopefully make money. “What sets us apart,” he explains,

“is that we only work on sustainable projects.” An ideal fit for Explora 2. Erwann emphasizes the value for students of getting involved. “We don’t make it easy and we’re not there to teach. We confront them with a real start-up case we’re working on, and without revealing our solutions, we see what they come up with.” The challenge is to identify better strategies.

Reality check

Erwann observes that the experience provides students with a clear reality check. This is not Silicon Valley with unlimited cash and people. And unlike corporations, they don’t have whole departments dedicated to one task. “Everybody has a hand in the whole process from A to Z. It’s a fast track education.” Not all the students are comfortable with how much work they have to do. A lot has to happen fast. Yet they can see the advantages and as Erwann reminds them: “We don’t necessarily work in the office, so you could live in Bali and work with us.” For Step One Group, the arrangement delivers benefits, too. “The students may not master all the business aspects, but they have an awareness of digital life that is up-to-the-minute, so it’s a good mix.” Of 24 students he worked with, Erwann believes around ten could work with him.

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